Welcome to JVB16!

JVB16, LLC is a family-owned business whose main goal is to help school systems, travel teams, small businesses, and countless others generate extra income through a variety of sources.  The company has three divisions—Beewear Apparel, Whitefox Marketing, and Weske Excursions.

Our Story

The family at JVB16 is very eager to serve students, travel teams, and small businesses of the community, and we have several ways in which we are able to do exactly that.

At this time, our most popular fund-raising activity is selling a variety of products through our Beewear Apparel division. Most of our current inventory is patriotic or sports-themed in nature, but future clothing lines will promote other popular topics such as politics, rivalries, travel, St. Patrick's Day, and many, many more.

A second division, Whitefox Marketing, is designed to provide FREE MARKETING for small businesses throughout the community. Our unique concept eliminates the expense of advertising in the local monthly mailers, and actually helps your business profit from OUR ads rather than paying for ad space and losing money.

Weske Excursions is our final division, and its goal is to plan your school trips, family vacations, weekend getaways, travel team trips, or answer any other questions you might have when it comes to traveling across this beautiful country of OURS.

As you can see, the family at JVB16, LLC has A LOT to offer. We hope you'll give us the opportunity to serve you, and help UNITE the community in the process.

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