About JVB16

JVB16, LLC is a family-owned business whose main goal is to help school systems, travel teams, small businesses, and countless others generate extra income through a variety of sources.  The company has three divisions—Beewear Apparel, Whitefox Marketing, and Weske Excursions.

Beewear Apparel:

Our apparel division will expand as the company grows, but we are currently focused on promoting the success of our local athletic teams. We have trademarked the terms “CHAMPLAND” and “PENSBURGH,” and plan on adding more unique items to our catalog.

Whitefox Marketing:

Whitefox Marketing offers local businesses the opportunity to market their unused resources FREE OF CHARGE. Our proven methods of success will generate new business, while improving relationships with your current customer base.

Weske Excursions:

The third division, Weske Excursions, is geared toward planning and organizing your travel excursions. Whether it’s a group trip, family vacation, business trip, weekend getaway, or anything else that comes to mind, we're here to ensure all your plans are taken care of.

The Story Behind JVB16

Joe “Whitey” Bilgen, the inspiration for JVB16, LLC, was a man of integrity whose priorities were family, friends, and faith. All of us at JVB16, LLC are honored to follow in Joey’s footsteps, by bringing his passion, dedication, and discipline to those we serve. Our world may have become empty after losing you, but your light continues to shine through us. Thank you!